Mirantis OpenStack 5.1 Re-Fuels Cloud Server

by Sean Michael Kerner

Incremental update includes new access control security and VMware NSX support for networking virtualization.

The open-source OpenStack cloud platform only has major milestone releases every six months, but that doesn't mean there are aren't incremental updates. One of the leading vendors in the OpenStack community is privately-held Mirantis, which updated its OpenStack Distribution to version 5.1 this week.

The Mirantis OpenStack 5.0 release was based on the upstream OpenStack Icehouse code, which first debuted on April 16. The Mirantis OpenStack 5.1 release is based on the recently released OpenStack Icehouse 2014.1.1 bugfix OpenStack Folsomrelease.

Among the enhanced capabilities in the latest Mirantis release is the Fuel set of tools that first debuted back in 2013. Fuel includes tools to help organizations deploy and manage OpenStack clouds at scale.

In Mirantis 5.1, Fuel security has now been improved.

"When using either the Fuel UI or Fuel APIs, users will be asked to provide authentication credentials (e.g. user name and password)," the Mirantis 5.1 release notes state. "These credentials and the authentication process are handled by a local instance of Keystone that is present on the Fuel Master Node."

Backup and recovery of the master Fuel node is now an option as well. By leveraging Docker packaging, the release notes indicate that "the current state of the Fuel Master Node can now be backed up and, if necessary, restored."

VMware NSX Now Supported for Networking Virtualization

Another area of improvement for Mirantis is with its support for VMware technologies. With the 5.1 release, VMware NSX for networking virtualization is a supported option.

"Mirantis OpenStack 5.1 enables you to select VMWare NSX as an networking option when using the KVM hypervisor," the release notes state.

Additionally, support has been improved in Mirantis OpenStack 5.1 for VMware ESXi servers. Mirantis is a VMware partner and has been working on improving support all year.

The latest Mirantis update comes ahead of the next major release from the upstream OpenStack project, as the OpenStack Juno release is set to be officially released on October 16.

Among the big innovations included in Juno is the Sahara Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) project. Sahara was originally known as Savanah and is a project that Mirantis helped to launch.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at ServerWatch and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Sep 24th 2014
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