New Nginx Plus Web Server Navigates Commercial Waters

by Sean Michael Kerner

Nginx is setting its sights on enterprises with a new all-in-one bundle of its popular open source web server that delivers commercial-grade features.

Nginx is setting its sights on enterprises, releasing a new all-in-one bundle of its popular open source Web server that delivers commercial-grade features such as application health checking, load balancing and high availability.

The new commercial Nginx Plus Web server also makes it easier for companies to deploy and operate by packaging key features that current users have had to patch together previously. As an example, the new high availability and load balancing capabilities resolve the need to deploy additional open source options such as Varnish caching technology and/or the HAProxy open-source load balancer along with Nginx.

And while the Nginx Plus offering is a commercial product, company officials stress that Nginx remains committed to open source and won't be leaving it behind.

"The fact is we are an open-source software company and we continue to build and innovate the Nginx open-source project and product," Gus Robertson, CEO of Nginx said. "In parallel, we will bring value-added modules to Nginx for our commercial customers that want those advanced features for their production environments."

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This article was originally published on Monday Aug 26th 2013
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