OpenStack Foundation Not Worried about the Death Star

by Sean Michael Kerner

Executive Director Jonathan Bryce and COO Mark Collier discuss the highlights of the Vancouver OpenStack Summit.

VANCOUVER, BC - Vendors and operators of the open-source OpenStack cloud platform gathered this week at the OpenStack Summit here to discuss the present and the future of the cloud.

One of the big changes is the transformation of OpenStack from a set of blessed integrated projects into a new "Big Tent" model OpenStack where there is more room for a diverse number of projects to fully participate.

In a video interview with ServerWatch, Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director, and Mark Collier, Chief Operations Officer, of the OpenStack Foundation discuss the big changes and why listening to users remains a primary focus.

"The moment we stop listening to users and it's just a vendor-to-vendor conversation, or it's just a developer-to-developer conversation and the user doesn't have a seat at the table, that would leave us with a vulnerability that could undo all the good work we've done," Collier said. "We just have to keep listening to users and we'll be ok."

Watch the full video interview below:

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This article was originally published on Thursday May 21st 2015
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