OpenStack Magnum Brings Containers to the Cloud

by Sean Michael Kerner

Adrian Otto, Project Technical Leader for Magnum, discusses the challenges and opportunities of containers in the cloud.

Docker containers and the OpenStack cloud have had a multi-year history that hasn't been all that successful — but that's something that could be changing now with the OpenStack Magnum project.

Magnum is an OpenStack project that integrates bays of containers into OpenStack. Magnum In a video interview with ServerWatch, Adrian Otto, Distinguished Engineer at Rackspace and PTL for Magnum, discusses what Magnum is all about.

Docker containers first landed in OpenStack as a driver in the Nova compute project, which isn't the most ideal place, according to Otto.

"Magnum is about allowing an orchestration of containers, using a bay," Otto explained.

The Magnum bay is the abstraction for where a container orchestration engine would go. One such engine example is Kubernetes and another is Docker Swarm.

Watch the full video interview with Adrian Otto below:

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This article was originally published on Thursday Aug 13th 2015
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