Phantom Virtualization Tap Supports Multiple Hypervisors

by ServerWatch Staff

Net Optics extends support across Xen, Oracle VM, vSphere 5 and KVM.

Net Optics has expanded Phantom Virtualization Tap to support all best-of-breed hypervisors -- including Xen, Oracle VM, vSphere 5 and KVM -- while retaining the same price point for these added capabilities.

Phantom Virtualization Tap software delivers total visibility into traffic passing between VMs on hypervisor stacks. It replicates traffic passing between virtual network interface controllers (NICs) and pushes it out to both virtual and physical monitoring devices for maximum coverage.

"Our goal is to help companies achieve the most efficient and scalable infrastructure," said Sharon Besser, Net Optics VP of Technology. "We're working to keep our customers' networks running at peak performance as they shift to the virtual environment. Releasing a product with the ability to monitor Xen -- a leading hypervisor family -- was the next logical customer-driven step for us."Virtualization

The Phantom Tap's Xen support increases its utility to the growing number of companies now adopting the popular hypervisor. Requiring no changes and creating no single point of failure, Phantom Tap supports all best-of-breed hypervisors, including XEN, and virtual switches. It installs in the hypervisor of each physical server to provide access to all traffic in the server, including previously invisible inter-VM traffic.

The Phantom Tap aggregates traffic from multiple VMs and performs smart filtering, while offering the high capacity needed to match port density and traffic volumes. The Tap integrates kernel-level monitoring into the heart of the hypervisor switching system and enables monitoring and access control in dynamic and distributed virtual environments, as well as supporting "bare-metal" installations whatever the virtual switch vendor.

Enterprises with large deployments of Citrix Xen, Oracle VM or other Xen-based virtualization solutions can capture virtual traffic of interest at the kernel layer and deliver it to tools in the physical instrumentation layer -- optimizing that investment. In contrast to other tool-specific approaches, the Phantom Virtualization Tap is purpose-built for smooth integration into customer's existing infrastructure.

"When Net Optics decided to develop a kernel-module monitoring and access solution for every platform, we knew we were defining the de facto standard for the entire market," said Ran Nahmias, Director of Virtualization and Cloud Solutions. "By integrating cross platform and tool agnostic virtual networking features, Net Optics ensured that the Phantom Virtualization Tap would be the most comprehensive solution on the market."

The Phantom Virtualization Tap will be available in May 2012 at a list price of $3,500 per cross platform monitor. Net Optics will demonstrate the operability and business benefits of the Phantom Virtualization Tap at Interop (Booth #1021) in Las Vegas on May 8-10 as well as at Citrix Synergy 2012 (Booth #506) on May 9-11.

This article was originally published on Tuesday May 8th 2012
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