Protegrity Protects HP NonStop Servers With Data Security Tokenization

by Vangie Beal

Tokenization technology gives enterprises protection for highly-sensitive data.

Protegrity USA, Inc.,  is announcing data protection support for HP's line of Integrity NonStop Servers  with its patent-pending tokenization technology.

HP Integrity NonStop systems provides application availability for critical and complex enterprise applications for financial institutions, mobile operators, hospitals and other private and public sector organizations facing increased regulations such as PCI-DSS, along with emerging regulations targeted at personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI).

When HP Integrity NonStop systems are combined with Protegrity's tokenization technology, it enables organizations to store high-risk data by replacing sensitive information with tokens that hold no value to anyone gaining unauthorized access to that data.

According to Protegrity USA, the data replacement process uses random values, rendering it far more secure than predictable encryption keys and algorithms, which may be vulnerable to brute force attacks. Because tokens resemble the original data, there is no maintenance or conversion costs when securing data within applications or corporate databases.

"Security breaches, along with the lawsuits and brand damage that accompany them, must be avoided at all costs. PCI compliance is a good start, but organizations are recognizing they must protect the widening range of personal, financial, and health data they have using methods that go far beyond basic passwords and access controls," said Suni Munshani, CEO of Protegrity. "By providing tokenization for this HP platform, we are helping to ensure enterprises won't be faced with the same humiliating situations encountered by Sony, Epsilon, Stratfor and Zappos."

According to a recent post on the Protegrity Blog, a Zappos security team employee "forgot" that customer PII data is attractive to hackers and as a result, Zappos is now painted with the same humiliating brush that Sony, Nintendo, Stratfor, AT&T, and others have been painted with.

"The most reliable way of protecting PCI, PII or PHI data is to tokenize all of it. Tokenizing reduces the probability of this type of hack by more than 99 percent," wrote Ulf Mattsson, Protegrity CTO. "No matter how long your passwords are, they are easily copied and emailed to bad guys by dishonest or disgruntled employees. Don’t give them the access in the first place."

Protegrity's unique architecture is specifically designed to support high-performance, high availability environments, delivering the industry's fastest token creation (200,000 or more tokens per second) along with fast recovery of the original data when needed.

Protegrity said its Tokenization solution for HP NonStop servers will be available at the end of Q1 2012.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Jan 25th 2012
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