Rackspace Embraces AppFormix for Private Cloud Control

by Sean Michael Kerner

AppFormix scores a big win for its cloud infrastructure management technology.

Cloud infrastructure control vendor AppFormix is announcing a new partnership with Racksapce this week. The partnership will see AppFormix's technology come to Rackspace's Private cloud customers, providing additional insight and control.

AppFormix first emerged from stealth in June 2015 with $7 million in funding. AppFormixThe promise of AppFormix's technology is that it provides real-time control and monitoring of hybrid cloud infrastructure to enable the best possible application deployment environments.

The AppFormix system runs as an agent on the host system, and it can run inside a Docker container that can run inside of a virtual machine.

In a recent podcast with ServerWatch, Sumeet Singh, Founder and CEO of AppFormix, explained how AppFormix has evolved in 2016 to support Intel's Resource Director Technology (RDT) technology. With RDT support, AppFormix provides cloud administrators with code-level visibility at the processor level.

The new deal with Rackspace will expand the footprint of AppFormix deployments significantly. Financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed at this time.

"The AppFormix solution will be an integrated component to our Rackspace Private Cloud offerings, included as part of our managed service offering," Bryan Thompson, Senior Director of Product Management, told ServerWatch. "Access to the tool will be provided to Admin users for our customers and of course the Rackspace Operations teams supporting the clouds."

Additionally, Thompson noted that customers will be able to purchase additional access for their "cloud users," where we can extend the rich tenant-level monitoring and reporting tools to their end users.

Thompson noted that the AppFormix deal is not uncommon for his company, as Rackspace has a long history of licensing and leveraging best-of-breed products as components of different comprehensive solutions that can be provided to customers.

Looking Forward for AppFormix

Looking forward for AppFormix, the company is working on a number of different things.

"AppFormix is engaged with the Kubernetes community on several projects, including work with Azure integration and cluster health monitoring," Singh said. "We're doing this because enterprises want tools and platforms that work with both VMs and containers; it's not an either/or."

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at ServerWatch and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Apr 27th 2016
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