ScaleXtreme Updates Rapid Server Launch Products

by Vangie Beal

Offers streamlined path to create new servers.

ScaleXtreme has announced major product enhancements targeted at rapid server launch and templates for existing and new customers of ScaleXtreme Xpress and Xpert products.

ScaleXtreme is a product that allows you to build, deploy, and manage servers across a variety of different public and private cloud providers.  Once a server is launched, ScaleXtreme offers deep management capabilities that allow you to handle the ongoing management and administration of a server.

According to ScaleXtreme, the first major change is a radically streamlined path to create new servers or begin controlling existing machines. The new user interface will dramatically accelerate your ability to take control of your servers.

"ScaleXtreme may now be the fastest way to start managing your physical, virtual and cloud servers," said ScaleXtreme CTO Balaji Srinivasa.

The second set of enhancements focuses on how customers interact with the ScaleXtreme Xpress and Xpert server management and automation product.

The intuitive interface is easier to use so customers can quickly see what's going on with their machines. Users can explore, monitor and manage on-premise servers, virtualized machines and cloud installations from multiple providers all from a single unified view. In addition, any public cloud accounts with Amazon EC2 or Rackspace are easily managed within the context of other, on-premise servers.

The third enhancement applies to server templates and the base process of creating and provisioning new servers. ScaleXtreme's Dynamic Server Assembly now supports version control of templates, an important feature for systems administrators who need to keep track of multiple versions of provisioning script stacks.

Templates can also be published and consumed from the ScaleXtreme App Store: the first public repository of scripts and templates that can be used seamlessly and shared within a server management product. Users can publish both scripts and templates either within their enterprise usage groups or to the larger community.

"These simple changes are the product of extensive usability testing and feedback from some of our largest customers," said Srinivasa. "We feel each piece of the product now comes together with an elegant minimalism of form to complement its powerful function."

This article was originally published on Tuesday Jan 10th 2012
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