ServiceMesh Extends Agility Platform with Fujitsu Global Cloud Support

by Vangie Beal

ServiceMesh customers gain access to Fujitsu’s on-demand cloud computing.

Enterprise cloud platform provider, ServiceMesh, has announced support for Fujitsu's Global Cloud Platform, giving ServiceMesh customers access to Fujitsu’s global, on-demand cloud computing footprint.

Enterprises use ServiceMesh’s Agility Platform to provide cloud governance, policy management, security, and workflow automation in hybrid environments. By adding support for the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform, ServiceMesh customers are able to leverage Global Cloud as part of their hybrid cloud strategies, reducing the cost and time-to-market for delivery of enterprise IT services.

"The Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform provides fully configurable, on-demand IT infrastructure delivered via our global network of data centers — in Japan, Australia, the USA, Germany, the UK and Singapore — to provide cost-effective yet reliable and secure access to Infrastructure-as-a-Service," said Cameron McNaught, Senior Vice President Cloud, Fujitsu Global Business Group.

ServiceMesh’s Agility Platform spans multiple internal and external clouds using a single management interface. The Agility Platform now provides business users with fully governed, self-service access to Fujitsu’s Global Cloud resources, while giving enterprise managers the confidence that appropriate policy controls will be enforced across all cloud workloads regardless of the target deployment environment.

The ServiceMesh Agility Platform helps enterprise customers transition to a more agile IT operating model by empowering business units with self-service provisioning and management of standardized and fully governed IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offerings to improve business agility and lower operating costs.

The integration of Fujitsu’s Global Cloud Platform provides ServiceMesh customers with additional cloud deployment options to better optimize global workload placement, and enables existing Fujitsu customers to readily leverage the industry’s market leading enterprise cloud platform to govern and manage their cloud workloads.

"Enterprise customers need the flexibility to access high-performance and cost effective cloud-based IT resources around the world," said Dave Roberts, vice president of strategy at ServiceMesh. "Fujitsu’s Global Cloud provides an impressive footprint of global IT resources, while ServiceMesh’s Agility Platform delivers the unified governance, lifecycle management, and automation required by enterprises to effectively manage their hybrid cloud environments. The combination of ServiceMesh and Fujitsu represents a potent new weapon in the enterprise IT arsenal."

This article was originally published on Friday Jan 27th 2012
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