Solarflare Announces New Server Adapter

by Vangie Beal

New ApplicationOnload Engine moves application processing into the network adapter.

Solarflare has announced its new platform, ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE), that moves application processing into the network adapter for applications that rely on high-performance network data.

"The ApplicationOnload Engine combines a fully featured 10GbE server adapter with a state-of-the-art FPGA (field-programmable gate array) that provides a seamless, low-latency network interface to the host server and application processing. It is an open platform that utilizes applications developed by Solarflare, Solarflare's customers or third-party developers," said Solarflare.

AOE was developed using a system-level approach that combines software and hardware into a single, plug-and-play solution that brings applications closer to the network to improve system performance.

According to Solarflare, this architecture allows users to determine which portions of code benefit most from hardware processing, and which portions are most effectively processed in software on the host server. This approach allows users to optimize its network infrastructure for  application processing.

"Our new ApplicationOnload Engine is a new class of product that results directly from interaction with our end-user customers. Our engineers have worked closely with these customers to create a platform that leverages OpenOnload's proven framework for creating a direct path from applications to the network, and incorporates on-the-fly processing of real-time network data," said Russell Stern, CEO at Solarflare. "This solution provides not only the lowest latency and highest message rate network I/O performance, but achieves an unparalleled boost in application performance, all while maintaining a seamless, compatible interface with our existing server adapter products."

Solarflare is developing applications that will be offered as part of the AOE product portfolio. Additionally, the company is providing customers and partners with a firmware development kit (FDK), which includes application programming interface (API), libraries, documentation and support, enabling the development of third-party applications. AOE will be available to customers beginning in calendar Q2, 2012.

Solarflare is the industry’s fastest-growing 10GbE server adapter company according to Dell’Oro, and now has over 500 customers worldwide, including three of the world’s largest securities exchanges, major commercial banks, trading firms and hedge funds. Additionally, Solarflare products are deployed in major research institutions, oil and gas exploration, big data applications and virtualized data centers. Solarflare is working closely with a number of these companies on the development and deployment of AOE.

"A wide range of applications can benefit from AOE, including those in financial services, oil and gas exploration, Internet, network security and video processing," said Solarflare.

This article was originally published on Thursday Feb 9th 2012
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