Ubuntu, Juju, Kubernetes and the DevOps DISCO

by Sean Michael Kerner

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu Linux, discusses the intersection of Juju and Kubernetes for modern server application management.

There is no shortage of different ways to deploy and manage applications on servers in 2016. Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu Linux and Canonical Inc., has been advocating for the use of Juju and its system of "charms" to help manage server applications since 2011 with the release of Ubuntu 11.10, the "Oneiric Ocelot."

Over the course of the last year, the open-source Kubernetes system Mark Shuttleworth has been gaining in popularity as a way to manage container-based deployment of applications. While some might view Kubernetes as a competitive alternative to Juju, Shuttleworth sees it as being highly complementary in many respects.

For Shuttleworth, it's all about the new DISCO world, an acronym that stands for the Docker Inspired Slice of COmputing.

Overall, Shuttleworth said he's seeing incredible traction for Juju, and its usage and contribution extends far beyond Canonical.

Watch the full video interview with Mark Shuttleworth below:

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This article was originally published on Monday May 16th 2016
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