VMware Goes Platinum for vSphere Virtual Server Deployments

by Sean Michael Kerner

VMware is now directly integrating advanced security in vSphere.

In the music industry, going platinum means a musician has sold 500,000 units of a single song or album. Over its history, VMware has sold so many units of its vSphere virtual server platform that it has now decided it's time to go "platinum."

The new vSphere Platinum Edition is one of several announcements made by VMware at VMworld 2018 US, which got underway on August 27. In addition to the vSphere update, VMware announced a new vSAN storage update as well as enhancements to its vRealize Cloud management platform.

Going Platinum

The key new addition in the vSphere Platinum Edition is the integration of the VMware's AppDefense security software. AppDefense was first announced at the VMworld 2017 US event.

AppDefense provides what VMware refers to as intent-based security, which can detect and block malicious actions and applications. According to VMware, the new platinum edition of vSphere will now enable virtual server administrators to run virtual machines in a "known good" state and help with rapid remediation when security issues do arise.

Using machine learning and behavioral analytics, the new solution will enable vSphere administrators to deliver more secure applications and infrastructure by enabling virtual machines (VMs) to run in a “known good” state. It will offer direct visibility into VM intent and application behavior as well as fast and more accurate threat detection and response capabilities.

"With these new capabilities, vSphere Platinum secures infrastructure and applications by leveraging the hypervisor and the power of machine learning in a way that is built-in, operationally simple, and with minimal overhead or impact on performance," Himanshu Singh, group manager for cloud platform product marketing at VMware, wrote in a blog post.

vSphere 6.7 Update 1

Along with the new edition of vSphere, VMware announced its first update for the vSphere 6.7 release. VMware first released vSphere 6.7 in April, providing organizations with hybrid cloud capabilities.

In the new update, VMware now has an HTML5-based vSphere Client for virtual machine management. Additionally, support has been included to enable vMotion for virtual GPU-powered virtual machines such as the NVIDIA Quadro vDWS.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at ServerWatch and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

This article was originally published on Monday Aug 27th 2018
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