ManageEngine OpManager Plus: Product Overview and Insight

by Sean Michael Kerner

Organizations can get real-time failure insights as well as performance metrics, from OpsManager Plus, among other core infrastructure monitoring features.

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Bottom Line:

ManageEngine's OpManager Plus is good choice for those looking to run server monitoring on-premises with a tool that can also handle bandwidth management and network configuration management.

The server monitoring piece of OpManager Plus enables administrators to monitor the real-time performance of servers, including CPU, memory and disk utilization across multiple server types. OpManager Plus also provides service and process monitoring to better understand load and performance of server infrastructure.

OpManager Plus also goes beyond just monitoring, integrating some security features, providing administrators with alerts for various fault conditions that could be indicative of a cybersecurity attack.

Service Description:

The OpManager Plus does what the name says, it helps to manage operations, including server monitoring capabilities such as CPU, process and disk utilization. The system can be used to help assist administrators with capacity planning and resource allocation.


Server Performance Monitoring:
Monitor server performance metrics including CPU, memory, and disk utilization with visualization in real-time graphs. Historical tracking enables organizations to better troubleshoot the root cause of potential issues.

Service and Process Monitoring:
OpManager Plus goes beyond basic server monitoring by including support for discovering and monitoring all the processes running on servers.

Automation Features:
Uses automation triggers, administrators can configure thresholds for certain capabilities, for example, restarting a a failing service.

Security Alerting:
OpManager Plus can also detect attempted security break-ins —including login failures due to bad passwords, account lockouts, and failed attempts to access secure files.

Full reporting capabilities provide aggregated insight into services and performance metrics.


Installed software for Windows and Linux servers.


Phone and email support options.

Use Cases:

Any organization looking to gain insight into the operational performance of server and network infrastructure.


Essential edition starts at $715 with the Enterprise edition starting at $19,795.


Workload Support

on-premises servers


on-premises software installation

Key Differentiator

cybersecurity alert notification


Essential edition starts at $715 while Enterprise starts at $19,795

This article was originally published on Monday Mar 4th 2019
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