Inside the Nebula One OpenStack Cloud Server

by Sean Michael Kerner

Chris Kemp, founder of Nebula and former CTO of NASA, explains how the new cloud server appliance works.

The promise of the cloud is that it enables organizations to lower their capital expenditures and only pay for what they need. The reality of the cloud however is that there's still hardware needed to run the cloud. Getting hardware to be "cloud-enabled" is often no easy task, but it's a task that startup Nebula has taken on with its Nebula One appliance.

Nebula is a company that was founded by Chris Kemp, Nebula Appliance former CTO of NASA and one of the original founders of the OpenStack project. At Nebula, Kemp has built the Nebula One appliance, which can sit at the top of a server rack, on top of servers and storage, enabling and managing an OpenStack cloud deployment.

In a video interview with ServerWatch, Kemp demonstrates what the Nebula One appliance is all about.

Watch the full video demo of the Nebula One with Chris Kemp below:

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This article was originally published on Tuesday May 20th 2014
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