The Two-Way Street of Hiring Top Data Center Talent

by Scott Alan Miller

Interviewing candidates for a top IT gig? Don't forget, your organization is being interviewed as well. Learn how to present your company in the best light.

When an enterprise seeks out top IT pros, the interview process often isn't just about reviewing the candidate. The company itself is being interviewed as well. Surprisingly, most IT organizations fumble the interview process. Datamation steps through how to do it right.

Corporate interviewers often forget that interviews are a two way street. Yes, the company is interviewing the hopeful job candidate -- but that candidate is interviewing the company as well.

Unless you are a wildly well-known and highly desired company at which to work (e.g. Apple, Microsoft or Google) then you have probably little more than the interview process to impress a top candidate.

No matter how fashionable or well respected your tech firm, a job candidate will get one chance to peer into the inner workings of your company. They won't judge you based on your cafeteria food nor on how friendly the staff is nor the lengthy (and probably completely inaccurate) job description. All that is a form of marketing.

A good candidate knows that and is exposed to it all of the time. No, they will judge you based on your processes. And the only process that you can't gloss over, hide or fake is the interviewing process.

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This article was originally published on Monday Apr 4th 2011
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